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7 People Injured As Israel Launches Strike In Syria

7 People Injured As Israel Launches Strike In  Syria

According to officials from a local hospital, at least 7 people were injured in the latest strike by Israel near the city of Baniyas, Syria.

According to Iran's official news agency - IRNA, a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Navy serving as a military adviser in Syria was killed in a suspected Israeli strike on Friday,

Reza Zarei an IRGC official was killed along with two members of the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group.

The IRGC have scaled back deployment of their senior officers in Syria due to a spate of deadly Israeli strikes and were relying more on allied Shiite militia to preserve their sway there, according to Reuters reports in February.

The airstrike hit a Villa near the port city of Baniyas in Syria, according to hospital officials, 3 people were confirmed dead with about 7 seriously injured, Israel has however refused to comment on the situation.