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Former Armed Forces Minister Urges UK to Prepare for says “Long Way Behind”

Former Armed Forces Minister Urges UK to Prepare for says “Long Way Behind”

LONDON — In a candid and sobering assessment, former Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has issued a stark warning to the United Kingdom: prepare for war or risk falling further behind on the global stage. His call to action comes amidst growing concerns about the nation’s readiness for potential conflict.

Heappey’s message is clear: complacency is not an option. In an op-ed for The Sunday Telegraph, he revealed that many government departments declined to participate in a crucial “whole of government” exercise.

The drill, proposed by former Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, aimed to simulate evacuating officials to a secure bunker in the event of war.

However, only defence ministers, senior military officers, and Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials took part.

Heappey lamented the missed opportunity to assess the UK’s preparedness.

“The exercise would have exposed how out of date many of our procedures now are,” he wrote.

His resignation as Armed Forces Minister last month underscores the urgency of his message.

Sky News recently revealed that the UK lacks a national plan for defense or mobilization.

As renewed threats of conflict loom, officials have begun developing a cross-government “national defense plan.”

However, turning the tide requires more than bureaucratic paperwork. It demands a genuine national effort, akin to the Cold War era.

Heappey advocates for strategic resilience. This includes securing essential supplies like food and energy, repurposing industry for weapon production, and allocating additional funds for defense.

He places pressure on Chancellor Rishi Sunak, emphasizing that global instability could easily escalate into a new Cold War or worse.

Heappey commended Sweden for its proactive approach.

The Swedish civil defense minister provided citizens with a booklet outlining wartime actions and necessary provisions.

“War is a whole nation endeavor,” Heappey emphasized. “In the UK, we’re a very long way behind.”