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Gwyneth Paltrow admits she was upset when people called her brand a ripoff of Khourtney Kardashian's Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow admits she was upset when people called her brand a ripoff of Khourtney Kardashian's Goop

In an exclusive interview, Gwyneth Paltrow shared her candid feelings about the comparisons drawn between her wellness brand, Goop, and Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh.

The Oscar-winning actress and businesswoman expressed that she was "upset" when Poosh was labeled a "ripoff" of Goop, emphasizing the detrimental effects of pitting women against each other in business.

"I was so upset when Poosh was launched and people were like, 'This is a ripoff of Goop,'" Paltrow revealed.

She found the comparisons not only "awful" but also reflective of a larger issue where women are often positioned as rivals rather than allies².

Paltrow, who has been a pioneer in the wellness industry with Goop's success, believes in the power of collaboration over competition. "The world is better and stronger when women are in cahoots with one another," she stated, highlighting the importance of female solidarity in the face of societal pressures¹.

The sentiment led to a creative partnership between Goop and Poosh, culminating in the release of a cheekily named candle,

"This Smells Like My Pooshy." The collaboration served as a humorous and unifying response to the criticism, with Paltrow remarking, "I thought it was hilarious".

Paltrow also touched upon the challenges faced by women in business, pointing out the patriarchal structures that often create a sense of scarcity and competition.

"I feel like the patriarchy does this thing to us where they make us feel scarcity and that there's not enough for all of us to do our thing. And it's so detrimental," she explained.

In the interview, Paltrow underscored her commitment to supporting other women and fostering an environment where multiple brands can thrive simultaneously. She shared her pride in Goop's longevity and its ability to stay true to its mission, despite the rise of new companies in the wellness space⁴.

As Goop continues to innovate and expand, including the launch of its affordable Good.Clean.Goop. line at Target, Paltrow remains focused on using her influence to promote wellness and support fellow women entrepreneurs⁴.

The conversation with Paltrow offers a refreshing perspective on the dynamics of female entrepreneurship and the power of unity in challenging the status quo. It's a narrative that encourages women to support each other's successes and build a stronger, more inclusive industry.