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Selena Gomez loves to be in Benny Blanco's kitchen

Selena Gomez loves to be in Benny Blanco's kitchen
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In a delightful revelation that's stirring up the celebrity world, Selena Gomez has declared her boyfriend Benny Blanco's kitchen as her new sanctuary.

The pop sensation and actress shared her affection for the culinary space in a recent Instagram Story, stating it's her "favorite place to be."

The couple, who have been dating since December 2023, have often showcased their shared love for food and cooking.

Blanco, a renowned music producer, is also an avid cook, and his kitchen has become a symbol of their blossoming relationship.

"One of my fav places to be is in... his kitchen," Gomez captioned a video that panned across a countertop laden with fresh ingredients and a sizzling pan covered in foil.

This intimate glimpse into their private life comes ahead of the release of Blanco's cookbook, "Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends," set to hit the shelves at the end of April.

Gomez didn't miss the opportunity to promote her beau's upcoming book, sharing a snapshot of the cover adorned with heart emojis and a preorder link.

During a TalkShopLive appearance, Blanco shared that the couple cooks together "every day," revealing that Gomez is particularly fond of steak and pasta.

He even included her favorite dish, "perfect fried potatoes," in his cookbook.

"She's such a good cook. Like it's not just for her show, she's an incredible cook," Blanco said, referring to Gomez's own cooking show, "Selena + Chef".

Their relationship has been a journey of shared passions, with food at the heart of it.

Whether it's whipping up a steak dinner or crafting the perfect bowl of soup for Gomez while she's on set, Blanco's culinary skills have been a significant part of their love story.

​As fans eagerly await the release of Blanco's cookbook, the couple continues to inspire with their shared love for food and each other.

Gomez's public admiration for Blanco's kitchen is more than just a testament to their relationship; it's a celebration of the simple joys that bring people together.