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Shakira Dispels Rumors About Discovering Ex's Alleged Infidelity Through a Jar of Jam

Shakira Dispels Rumors About Discovering Ex's Alleged Infidelity Through a Jar of Jam
Shakira. PHOTO: GETTY (2)

In a recent turn of events, Colombian pop sensation Shakira has addressed the swirling rumors regarding the end of her relationship with football star Gerard Piqué.

The rumor that has captured the public's imagination suggests that Shakira discovered Piqué's alleged infidelity through a jar of jam. However, the singer has categorically denied these claims.

The story gained traction after fans speculated that a jar of jam, which Shakira reportedly favored and Piqué did not, was found to be consumed during her absence.

This led to the belief that someone else must have been present at their shared residence.

The narrative was further fueled by a scene in Shakira's music video for "Te Felicito," where she is seen looking into a refrigerator, which some interpreted as a metaphor for discovering the truth.

Shakira, known for hits like "Hips Don't Lie" and "Waka Waka," has been in the spotlight for her personal life as much as her music career.

Her relationship with Piqué, which lasted for over a decade, ended in June 2022, and they share two sons, Milan and Sasha. Since the split, Piqué has been linked with Clara Chia Marti, which has only intensified public scrutiny.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Shakira put the rumors to rest by simply stating, "Not true," when asked about the jam-related theory of Piqué's alleged cheating.

Despite the denial, the story has been a topic of heated discussion on social media, with many fans expressing support for the singer while criticizing the alleged actions of her ex-partner².

The "jar of jam" rumor is a testament to the intense public interest in celebrity relationships and the speed at which speculation can spread in the digital age.

Shakira's straightforward dismissal of the rumor highlights her desire to set the record straight and move forward from the conjecture surrounding her personal life.

As Shakira prepares to release her new album "Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran" (Women No Longer Cry), she reflects on a challenging year and her priorities, emphasizing the sacrifices she made for love and her family.

The singer's resilience and focus on her career and children remain at the forefront, even as she navigates the complexities of life in the public eye.