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Sydney Attacker Unmasked: Surfer, ‘Obsessed with Knives’, Worked as Male Escort

Sydney Attacker Unmasked: Surfer, ‘Obsessed with Knives’, Worked as Male Escort
Evil attacker - Joel Cauchi took the lives of 6 people before he was shot dead by a brave police officer

In a chilling revelation that has added a bizarre twist to the already harrowing Sydney mall stabbings, the attacker has been identified as Joel Cauchi, a 40-year-old surfer from Queensland who was reportedly ‘obsessed with knives’ and worked as a male escort.

The incident, which took place at the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre, claimed the lives of six individuals and left the city in a state of shock.

Joel Cauchi on camera chasing after the crowd

Cauchi, who was shot dead by a heroic police officer during the attack, had a complex background that has left investigators and the public grappling for answers.

According to Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke, Cauchi was known to the police and was ‘very clearly’ suffering from mental health issues.

His social media profiles painted the picture of a man who enjoyed surfing and offered English tutoring services. Just a week before the tragic event, he had posted in a Sydney Facebook group seeking companions for surfing at Bondi.

Source - Facebook (FB)

The attack has prompted an outpouring of grief and questions about the assailant’s motives.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese referred to the incident as a “horrific act of violence” and praised the bravery of the police inspector who confronted Cauchi, stating, "There is no doubt that she saved lives through her action."

Heroic Senior police officer rescued the people and shot the attacker dead.

The community is now left to mourn the victims, including a nine-month-old baby girl who was critically injured and is currently stabilizing after surgery. The baby’s mother, Ash Good, 38, was among those killed during the rampage. Another victim has been identified as Dawn Singleton, the 25-year-old daughter of millionaire businessman John Singleton.

As the investigation continues, the focus has shifted to understanding Cauchi’s past and what may have led to the tragic events of that day. The police are combing through evidence, including items from a storage facility Cauchi had taken possession of shortly after arriving in Sydney.