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Tragedy at Al-Shifa: Over 400 Palestinians Killed Amidst Israel's Siege Of Al-Shifa Hospital

Tragedy at Al-Shifa: Over 400 Palestinians Killed Amidst Israel's Siege Of Al-Shifa Hospital
Source: Getty Images

Over 400 Palestinians have been reported killed amidst Israel's siege on Gaza's largest medical facility, Al-Shifa Hospital. The siege, which has lasted for 13 days, has seen the hospital become a focal point of the conflict, with patients, healthcare staff, and war-displaced individuals among the casualties.

The Gaza media office has described the situation as a series of crimes committed by Israeli forces, including destruction, arson, and targeted attacks on homes surrounding the hospital. The siege has not only resulted in loss of life but also in the arrest and torture of hundreds, according to reports from the region.

The hospital, which is a sanctuary for thousands of patients and displaced people, is now facing dire conditions. Israeli forces are said to hold 107 patients hostage, including 30 wheelchair-bound individuals and about 60 medical staff members. These individuals are reportedly trapped inside the Al-Shifa Complex under inhumane conditions, lacking water, medicine, food, or electricity.

The international community has expressed grave concern over the situation, with calls for immediate action to alleviate the suffering and to bring an end to the violence. The United Nations has been urged to intervene, and there is a growing demand for a ceasefire to prevent further loss of life.

As the conflict enters its 177th day, the death toll in Gaza continues to rise, with the latest figures from the Gaza health ministry indicating at least 32,705 Palestinians killed and 75,190 injured since the beginning of the war on October 7. The majority of the victims are reported to be women and children, highlighting the tragic human cost of this ongoing conflict.