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Ukraine Will Lose War without U.S Aid says Zelenskyy

Ukraine Will Lose War without U.S Aid says Zelenskyy
Source: Getty Images

President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Ukraine will lose the war if the United States Congress does not approve military aid to help it resist Russia's invasion.

During a video meeting of UNITED24, Zelensky stated that Ukraine would lose the war if the Congress did not make resounding statements about their military strategy.

If Ukraine is defeated in this war, other countries will be targeted. "This is a fact," he declared. With Congress having refused to pass a package of aid for Ukraine for months, Zelensky's warning is one of the most severe. This comes as Russia continues to bombard its cities with missiles and inspecting for weaknesses along the front line.

The House Speaker Mike Johnson has refused to pass a foreign aid package worth $93.5 billion for Ukraine and Israel in February. As Russia assesses its weak points, Ukraine is banking on enemy mistakes, as indicated by Elelansky.

Russia's invasion in February of 2022 was expected to take Kyiv within days and the rest of the country within weeks. Ukraine successfully defended its capital and recaptured some of Russia's previously held territories in 2022, but made a misguided decision. Russia's hold on roughly 20% of Ukraine' s territory has not affected the frontlines.

Ukraine's counteroffensive in the summer of 2023 was unsuccessful, despite predictions of its potential to regain more occupied territories. Ukraine's Commander in Chief acknowledged the war had reached a "stalemate."

Russia, which has a significant technological and manpower advantage, has been endeavoring to take over the initiative by bombarding Ukraine's cities with missiles and forcing Ukraine to withdraw from the eastern town of Avdiivka since early this year.

In Ukraine, a man walks past crater after Russian missile strikes on April 6, 2024. According to Franz-Stefan Gady, an associate fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the war in Ukraine had entered a "transitional phase." Russia is conducting investigations into attacks on the front line.

It is striving to advance as much as possible. He mentioned that it is preparing for an impending offensive. Despite attempts by European nations to replace US aid, Gady asserted that Washington can provide assistance without it. Ukraine is in dire need of US aid this year.

The air defense systems of Ukraine are among the weapons systems and logistical support that European countries cannot provide, according to him.

Zelensky cautioned that Russia will increasingly involve nuclear weapons in the upcoming debate by playing with it and threatening. He expressed gratitude to UNITED24's ambassadors for their ongoing efforts to highlight the Ukrainian people'S fight for freedom and independence in a separate post on X.