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UK's Stance on Israel: Support for Israel Not Conditional says British Foreign Secretary

UK's Stance on Israel: Support for Israel Not Conditional says British Foreign Secretary
Source: Getty Images

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has declared that the United Kingdom's support for Israel is "not unconditional," emphasizing the need for adherence to international humanitarian law. This statement comes in the wake of an Israeli airstrike that resulted in the tragic deaths of aid workers, including three British nationals.

Cameron's remarks, published in a newspaper column, reflect a growing concern within the UK government over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. The Foreign Secretary underscored the expectation that Israel, as a "proud and successful democracy," must comply with international standards even when facing security challenges.

The recent airstrike has sparked a wave of international outrage and has brought the UK's relationship with Israel into the spotlight. Cameron's comments signal a more assertive stance from Britain, which has traditionally been a staunch ally of Israel since the conflict with Hamas escalated last October.

The British government's call for Israel to allow more aid into Gaza highlights the urgency of the situation. Cameron warned of the risk of mass starvation unless Israel facilitated the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the conflict zone. In response, the UK has pledged a significant aid package and announced plans to support a maritime corridor from Cyprus to assist in relief efforts.

The Foreign Secretary's statement also raises questions about the future of British arms exports to Israel. With legal professionals and former Supreme Court justices calling for a halt to arms sales, citing potential complicity in war crimes, the UK government faces pressure to review its export policies. Cameron's declaration marks a pivotal moment in UK-Israel relations, one that could redefine the parameters of support and cooperation between the two nations in the years to come. Please kindly share this article before you leave. Thanks for your support