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US Clears Ukraine of Allegations in Moscow Incident

US Clears Ukraine of Allegations in Moscow Incident
Source: Getty Images

In the wake of the devastating attack in Moscow, the United States has firmly stated that Ukraine had no part in the tragic events. The White House, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, emphasized that there is no evidence linking Ukraine to the attack, which claimed over 130 lives.

The Islamic State group has taken responsibility for the attack, according to statements on social media channels associated with the group. Despite this, Russian officials have suggested Ukrainian involvement, a claim that has been met with international skepticism and caution.

US Vice President Harris, in an interview, clarified that ISIS-K, the Islamic State's branch in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is believed to be responsible for the attack. The US had previously warned Russia about a potential terrorist threat in early March and had issued a public advisory to Americans in Russia on March 7.

The situation has led to a complex diplomatic scenario, with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of attempting to shift blame onto Ukraine. Zelensky has denied any Ukrainian involvement, and the international community has echoed the call for a careful approach to the attribution of blame.