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Why Hamas Attacked Israel? The Start of The Gaza War.

Why Hamas Attacked Israel? The Start of The Gaza War.
Source: Getty Images

Hamas launched an impromptu attack on Israel, leaving the world grappling with the question: why now? The roots of this conflict are deep and complex, involving a blend of historical grievances, geopolitical strategies, and immediate provocations.

Hamas, a group with a long-standing policy of opposing Israel's existence, cited a series of factors that led to their decision to attack. Among these were the recent clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the ongoing construction of Israeli settlements, and the continued blockade of Gaza, which has been described by residents as the world's largest open-air prison due to the restrictions on movement and goods.

The timing of the attack, coinciding with religious celebrations in Israel, suggests a strategic choice, aiming to maximize impact and attention. However, the motivations are not solely rooted in the present. They stem from a history of conflict, where each act of aggression is both a cause and a symptom of a larger, enduring struggle.

Hamas' actions have drawn a powerful response from Israel, leading to a cycle of violence that risks have gone way out of control.