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Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse: Workers Begin Recovery Efforts After Devastating Incident

Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse: Workers Begin Recovery Efforts After Devastating Incident
Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse

Baltimore, MD — In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the historic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River on March 26, 2024, leaving six construction workers unaccounted for.

The catastrophe unfolded after a 984-foot cargo ship, the DALI, collided with the bridge's pillar, triggering a near-total collapse.

As recovery operations commence, the city grapples with the loss of a vital piece of its cultural identity.

The Key Bridge, an iconic structure connecting Baltimore's neighborhoods, stood as a testament to engineering prowess and historical significance. But on that fateful morning, it crumbled, plunging workers into the frigid waters below.

The victims hailed from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras —their lives forever intertwined with the bridge's legacy.

The DALI, a Singapore-flagged container ship, collided with the bridge, setting off a chain of events that would reverberate globally.

The ship's crew, numbering 21, had embarked on a voyage from India to Sri Lanka. Apostleship of the Sea director Andy Middleton confirmed their safety, emphasizing the crew's well-being amidst the chaos.

The DALI's captain had wisely chosen an alternate route to avoid risks along the Yemen coast, a decision that now stands as a poignant twist of fate.

As authorities recover the bodies of two workers—Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes from Mexico and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera from Guatemala—the search for the remaining four continues.

Divers face treacherous conditions, with additional vehicles encased in concrete and debris.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) leads the investigation, scrutinizing the 56 containers of hazardous material carried by the DALI.

The NTSB's hazmat investigator works tirelessly to unravel the incident's complexities.Maryland Governor Wes Moore acknowledges the gravity of the situation.

The Port of Baltimore, a linchpin in global trade, handles more cars and farm equipment than any other U.S. port. Rebuilding the Key Bridge won't be swift, but it's a commitment the city and nation must honor.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the need to reopen the port, address supply chain challenges, and rebuild the bridge.

U.S. ​President Joe Biden pledges unwavering federal support in the response and recovery efforts.

As the sun sets over the fractured remains of the Key Bridge, Baltimore mourns its loss while rallying to restore what was once a lifeline for the city.