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Biden and Democrats Report Raising Over $90 Million in March, leading Trump by a large margin

Biden and Democrats Report Raising Over $90 Million in March, leading Trump by a large margin

President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have emerged as financial juggernauts, outpacing their political rivals in fundraising.

In a remarkable show of strength, they reported raising more than $90 million in March alone, further widening their cash advantage over former President Donald Trump and the Republicans.

The Biden campaign, along with its affiliated entities, collected a staggering $187 million during the first quarter of the year (January through March).

An impressive 96% of these donations came from individuals contributing less than $200 each.

But the real game-changer was the $26 million-plus windfall from a star-studded event at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on March 28.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton headlined the fundraiser, underscoring the party’s unity and commitment.

Not to be outdone, according to organizers Trump has raised a eye-popping $50 million in Palm Beach fundraising campaign, setting a new record for campaign fundraising.

Palm Beach Fundraiser: Trump and Wife, Melania Rakes In $50M

Biden’s campaign has harnessed the power of small-dollar donations, allowing them to launch extensive digital and television advertising campaigns across key states.

Their collaboration with the DNC and state parties aims to mobilize supporters effectively.

The $192 million-plus cash reserve as of March 31 represents the highest total ever amassed by any Democratic candidate.

Over 1.6 million people have contributed to Biden’s campaign since he announced his bid for a second term in April 2023.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez emphasized the historic nature of their fundraising efforts.

“The money we are raising is going to the critical work of building a winning operation,” she stated.

This operation includes field offices nationwide, staff in battleground states, and a robust paid media program. Rodriguez took a swipe at Trump’s financial situation, characterizing it as “cash-strapped” and reliant on billionaire funds to cover legal fees.

As the November election looms, the financial race remains fierce.

Biden and the Democrats are banking on their grassroots support and strategic investments to secure victory.

Meanwhile, Trump’s team aims to turn the tide with a blockbuster fundraising event. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the battle for campaign dollars continues.