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Biden Could Face Challenges Getting on Ohio General Ballot

Biden Could Face Challenges Getting on Ohio General Ballot
ABC News/Getty Images

WILMINGTON, Del. — President Joe Biden may encounter hurdles in securing a spot on Ohio’s general election ballot, according to a letter from the state’s Secretary of State, Frank LaRose.

The potential issue stems from an apparent conflict between the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) nominating process and Ohio’s ballot certification deadlines.

The Democratic National Convention is slated to convene on August 19, 2024, more than a week after Ohio’s August 7 deadline for certifying presidential candidates.

LaRose’s letter highlights this discrepancy and calls for a resolution. Legal counsel Paul Disantis emphasized two possible paths: either the DNC adjusts its convention timing or the Ohio General Assembly creates an exemption by May 9, aligning with state law.

Ohio, once a battleground state, has leaned right in recent years. It delivered victories for former President Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020 by eight-point margins.

Now, the state’s electoral mechanics are under scrutiny as Biden seeks to secure his place on the ballot.

The Ohio Democratic Party confirmed receipt of LaRose’s letter and is reviewing its implications.

Key Ohio Democrats, including House Minority Leader Allison Russo and Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio, were copied on the correspondence.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign expressed confidence, stating,

“We’re monitoring the situation in Ohio, and we’re confident that Joe Biden will be on the ballot in all 50 states.”

As a major political party, the Democrats typically appear on ballots nationwide.