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Biden Could Miss Washington’s Ballot but State Has Found A Solution

Biden Could Miss Washington’s Ballot but State Has Found A Solution

In an unprecedented electoral twist, Washington state officials have identified a potential legal snag that could have left President Joe Biden off the November ballot.

However, a swift solution has been proposed to ensure the Democratic nominee’s presence in the upcoming general election.

At the heart of the issue is a Washington state rule that sets the deadline for ballot certification, which this year coincides with the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) nominating convention.

The timing conflict threatened to exclude Biden from the ballot, as the DNC’s event in Chicago, where Biden is expected to be formally nominated, concludes after the state’s certification deadline.

Washington’s Director of Elections, Stuart Holmes, under the guidance of Democratic Secretary Steve Hobbs, has extended an olive branch to the DNC.

In a letter to DNC Chair Jamie Harrison, Holmes outlined a provisional certification process that would allow Biden to remain eligible, provided the DNC submits the necessary documentation by the state’s deadline.

This scheduling conflict is not unique to Washington. Ohio and Alabama have also indicated potential ballot exclusions due to similar timing issues.

However, these states, led by Republican Secretaries of State, have not yet offered solutions akin to Washington’s provisional certification, raising concerns about partisan influences on electoral processes.

While late August conventions have occurred in the past, states have typically granted provisional ballot access or legislative extensions to accommodate major party candidates.

Critics argue that the current situation reflects a departure from this norm, with some experts suggesting that the enforcement of such rules against Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris may carry partisan undertones.