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BTS Jin Starts Military Discharge Countdown

BTS Jin Starts Military Discharge Countdown

As the sun sets on a significant chapter in his life, BTS's Jin has initiated a countdown to the end of his military service, marking a momentous occasion for both the artist and his fans worldwide.

he eldest member of the global sensation BTS, Kim Seok-Jin, better known as Jin, has been serving in the South Korean military since December 2022 and is now nearing the completion of his duties.

The countdown began with a heartfelt video message posted by the official BTS Bighit account, stirring excitement and anticipation among the BTS ARMY.

In the video, Jin shared reflections on his time in service, expressing gratitude for the support he has received and the growth he has experienced during this period.

Jin's journey through military service has been one of duty and dedication. As a drill sergeant, he has exemplified the values of discipline and leadership, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers and superiors.

His promotion to corporal, two months ahead of schedule, is a testament to his commendable performance and commitment.

The BTS ARMY has rallied behind Jin, counting down the days until his return. Social media platforms have been abuzz with messages of love and support, with fans expressing their eagerness to welcome him back to civilian life and the stage.

"Jin's service has been a source of pride for us. We've missed him dearly, but we know he's been serving a cause greater than himself," said a fan.

Big Hit Music, the agency representing BTS, has confirmed that Jin's discharge is scheduled for June 2024, aligning closely with BTS's 11th debut anniversary.

This synchronicity adds to the celebratory atmosphere, as fans prepare to commemorate both the group's milestone and Jin's return.

​As the countdown continues, Jin's impact on the music industry remains indelible.

His contributions to BTS's success have helped shape the landscape of contemporary music, and his solo work continues to resonate with audiences around the globe.

In anticipation of his return, the BTS ARMY and the music world await the next chapter in Jin's illustrious career.