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Call for Cody's Law after footballer's stabbing

Call for Cody's Law after footballer's stabbing

In a united cry for change, the family of Cody Fisher, a semi-professional footballer whose life was tragically cut short, is championing a new cause: the enactment of "Cody's Law."

This proposed legislation calls for mandatory bleed kits and metal detectors at public events, a response to the harrowing circumstances that led to Cody's untimely death.

On December 26, 2022, the vibrant atmosphere of the Crane nightclub in Birmingham was shattered when Cody Fisher was fatally stabbed on the dance floor.

The attack, carried out by a group of masked individuals, occurred in front of over 2,000 attendees and has since been described as a premeditated act of violence.

The subsequent investigation led to the conviction of Remy Gordon, 23, and Kami Carpenter, 22, for the murder of Cody Fisher.

Remy Gordon shared this picture pointing out Mr Fisher and Dan Vann because he wanted to track them down, jurors were told

The court heard chilling details of the events leading up to the attack, including social media exchanges where the assailants planned the assault.

The weapon, a so-called 'zombie knife,' was smuggled into the club, bypassing what were later deemed to be inadequate security measures.

In the wake of the verdict, Cody's mother, Tracey Fisher, has been a pillar of strength, transforming her grief into advocacy.

"The loss of Cody is unbearable, but we must ensure it wasn't in vain," she stated.

The proposed "Cody's Law" is her family's effort to prevent such tragedies from recurring.

Jess Chatwin, Cody's girlfriend, who witnessed the attack, has been vocal about her support for the law.

"No one else should go through this nightmare," she shared in a poignant statement.

The community has rallied behind the Fisher family's call to action, with local authorities and event organizers recognizing the need to reassess their security protocols.

The proposed law has sparked a broader discussion on public safety and the responsibilities of event venues.

A​s the campaign for "Cody's Law" gains momentum, it serves as a testament to Cody Fisher's legacy—a young man whose life was marked by passion for football and whose memory may now inspire a safer future for all.