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Dana White Clarifies Communication with Conor McGregor Amidst Fight Booking Speculations

Dana White Clarifies Communication with Conor McGregor Amidst Fight Booking Speculations
Source: Getty Images

UFC President Dana White has recently addressed the rumors surrounding the alleged 'lack of communication' with Conor McGregor, the sport's most recognizable star. In a candid interview, White laid out the timeline for McGregor's next fight, dispelling any notion of miscommunication between the UFC and the Irish fighter.

According to White, the UFC has been in constant contact with McGregor, but they have intentionally given him space to fulfill his commitments to the new "Road House" movie. McGregor has been busy promoting the film, traveling globally for premieres, which has taken precedence over his fight training and booking.

"There's no lack of communication. Not at all," White stated on the Pound-4-Pound podcast. He further explained that McGregor's obligations to the movie were a priority and that once the film's launch was over, McGregor would be able to return to full-time training.

White also praised McGregor's business acumen, acknowledging his transition from a fighter on welfare to a global superstar and savvy businessman. He expressed his desire to be a good partner to McGregor, who has been a great partner to the UFC.

With the movie officially released as of March 21, the expectation is that McGregor will soon resume his training regimen. The UFC can then begin discussions about his return to the octagon, which is anticipated to happen sometime during the summer of 2024.

The potential matchup that has been making rounds is a clash between McGregor and Michael Chandler, although no official agreements have been signed yet. This fight is expected to be one of the most significant events in the UFC, given the star power of both athletes and the history of their rivalry.