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David Axelrod Blasts Biden’s Economic Messaging: “Drives Me Crazy When He Does That”

David Axelrod Blasts Biden’s Economic Messaging: “Drives Me Crazy When He Does That”
Fox News

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has raised eyebrows with his candid critique of President Joe Biden’s economic strategies.

In an appearance on Bill Kristol’s podcast, Axelrod expressed frustration at the president’s attempts to “extol the miracle” of the economy while many Americans continue to grapple with financial challenges.

Axelrod didn’t mince words. “I wouldn’t go out there and extol the miracle of the Biden economy,” he asserted.

“It just drives me crazy when he does that.” The seasoned political consultant pointed to Biden’s Easter interview with Al Roker, where the president touted the United States as having “the strongest economy in the world.”

According to Axelrod, this approach misses the mark.

Instead, Axelrod believes Biden should take a different tack—one that resonates with working-class Americans.

“The right strategy is to say, ‘Look, we’ve made a lot of progress from the day I walked in the door as a country,’” Axelrod explained.

“But the fact is, the way people experience this economy is the way I did when I was growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. How much did you pay for groceries? How do you afford gas and rent? And these continue to be problems.”

Axelrod emphasized that Biden should position himself on the side of working people, acknowledging their daily struggles.

“Bottom line, be more like Joe from Scranton and less like President Biden from Washington,” he advised.

“Because those are the voters who are going to decide this election—working-class people, Black, White, and Hispanic, who are very much scuffling still in an economy that has improved.”