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Islam Makhachev More Dangerous Than Khabib Says Daniel Cormier

Islam Makhachev More Dangerous Than Khabib Says Daniel Cormier
Source: Google

The latest buzz in the UFC lightweight division comes from none other than Daniel Cormier, the former two-division champion, who has made a bold statement about the current titleholder, Islam Makhachev. Cormier, who has seen the rise of many fighters, claims that Makhachev is not just walking in the footsteps of his predecessor and mentor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, but may actually be surpassing him.

Makhachev, with a record that speaks volumes about his prowess, has been turning heads with his performance inside the octagon. His journey is often shadowed by the legacy of Khabib, who left behind an undefeated record and a reputation for being one of the most dominant fighters in the history of the sport. However, Cormier suggests that Makhachev brings something even more formidable to the table.

The comparison hinges on a crucial aspect of their fighting styles. While Khabib was known for his grappling and ground control, Makhachev's striking abilities have caught the eye of many, including Cormier. It's this blend of ground skills and striking that Cormier believes makes Makhachev "more dangerous" than Khabib during his prime.

Fans and fighters alike have taken notice of Makhachev's rise. With each match, he has demonstrated a level of skill and versatility that has left many in awe. His recent title defenses have only solidified his position as a formidable champion, with a striking force that has been a game-changer in his fights.

As the lightweight division watches Makhachev's reign, the question on everyone's mind is: Who can challenge the champion who seems to have no weaknesses? With potential contenders busy with their own battles, Makhachev awaits a worthy opponent to test his mettle.

In the end, the comparisons may continue, but what remains clear is that Islam Makhachev is carving his own path in the UFC history books.