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Kara Swisher's Makes Mockery of Trump's Truth Social Public Debut "my podcast makes more" she says

Kara Swisher's Makes Mockery of Trump's Truth Social Public Debut "my podcast makes more" she says
Kara Swisher

In the wake of Truth Social's much-anticipated public debut, tech journalist Kara Swisher offered a candid assessment of the platform's financial prospects compared to her own podcast's earnings.

Swisher, known for her incisive commentary and interviews with tech's biggest names, didn't hold back during a segment with CNN's Laura Coates.

Swisher's podcast, which features no-holds-barred interviews with power players across various industries, has garnered a significant following and, according to Swisher, generates more revenue than what she believes Truth Social could achieve.

"My podcast makes more," Swisher remarked, highlighting the disparity between her successful media venture and the social media platform's performance.

"It's like a party where everyone is too drunk on their own spin," Swisher commented on the frenzied trading activity surrounding Truth Social's stock.

She further said, I'd bet my podcast's ad revenue against their long-term stock price any day".

Swisher added, "We're in a market where hype often trumps reality, but eventually, fundamentals matter".

Truth Social, backed by former President Donald Trump, experienced a volatile stock market debut, with its valuation briefly hitting $11 billion before settling down.

Despite the initial surge, analysts like Swisher remain skeptical about the platform's long-term financial viability, given its current revenue and user base challenges.

Truth Social's entrance into the public market has been compared to the meme stock frenzy that has previously seen companies like GameStop and AMC reach inflated valuations driven by retail investor sentiment rather than solid financial fundamentals.

Swisher's comments reflect a broader skepticism among financial experts regarding the sustainability of such valuations.

Kara Swisher's reaction to Truth Social's public listing serves as a sobering counterpoint to the excitement surrounding meme stocks.

Her comparison to her podcast's earnings is not just a personal boast but a commentary on the speculative nature of recent market debuts.

As Truth Social navigates its new public status, the tech community and investors alike will watch closely to see if it can prove the skeptics wrong or if it will succumb to the volatility that characterizes meme stocks.