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Kari Lake Urgently Lobbies Arizona Lawmakers Following Abortion Ban Ruling

Kari Lake Urgently Lobbies Arizona Lawmakers Following Abortion Ban Ruling
Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Phoenix, Arizona — In a dramatic turn of events, former TV anchor and Senate hopeful Kari Lake has launched an intense behind-the-scenes campaign to repeal Arizona’s Civil War-era abortion ban.

The move comes after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state’s 1864 near-total ban on abortion is enforceable, sparking heated debates and political maneuvering across party lines.

Lake’s attempt to whip votes is one of the starkest examples of how politically perilous the abortion issue could be in the upcoming November elections.

As a Republican candidate, she faces the challenge of reconciling her previous support for the ban with the shifting dynamics of public opinion and the court’s recent decision.

The 1864 territorial law, written when Arizona had not yet become a state, forbids abortions except to save a mother’s life. Lake, who previously praised the law as “a great law,” now finds herself at odds with her own past statements.

Her recent efforts to repeal the ban underscore the urgency of the situation and the potential impact on her political career.

Within hours of the court’s ruling, Lake began making calls to lawmakers in the GOP-controlled state House and Senate.

Sources close to the matter reveal that she urged legislators to repeal the law and offered her support to help them get it done.

While Lake’s campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment, her actions signal a significant shift in her stance on abortion.

Lake’s lobbying efforts coincide with broader discussions within the GOP-controlled Legislature.

The House convenes again this week, and Republican chamber leaders have stated that they will evaluate the ruling during the waiting period before it goes into effect.

However, Democratic Senate candidate Ruben Gallego has highlighted Lake’s earlier comments on the ban, emphasizing the need for clarity and consistency from political candidates.

In a video released on Thursday, Lake expressed her position on abortion. She criticized the state Supreme Court’s decision, calling it “out of line with where the people of this state are.”

Lake pledged to oppose a federal ban on abortion if elected senator, emphasizing the importance of providing women with more choices. “I chose life,” she said, “but I’m not every woman. I want to make sure that every woman who finds herself pregnant has more choices so that she can make that choice that I made”.

As Arizona Republicans hold slim majorities in both chambers, the fate of the abortion ban remains uncertain.

Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs has urged the legislature to repeal the law, but acknowledges that calling a special session now would not be productive due to insufficient votes.