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Kate Middleton’s Goes Against Queen Elizabeth's "Never complain, Never explain" Motto

Kate Middleton’s Goes Against Queen Elizabeth's "Never complain, Never explain" Motto

The recent revelation by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, about her cancer diagnosis has sent ripples through the royal circles.

In a heartfelt video message released on March 22, 2024, Kate candidly shared her health update, revealing that she is undergoing preventative chemotherapy after cancer was found in post-operative tests following her January abdominal surgery.

Kate Middleton’s decision to disclose her health condition via video message challenges the long-standing motto of the British monarchy: “never complain, never explain.”

This motto, attributed to the late Queen Elizabeth II, reflects the stoicism and reserve expected of royals. However, Kate’s sincerity and forthrightness in sharing her diagnosis deviate from this tradition.

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith notes that Kate, inherently shy, demonstrated remarkable courage in delivering the news.

“For her to do that took a lot,” says Bedell Smith. The Princess of Wales projected honesty and self-assuredness, emphasizing that she is not alone in her battle against cancer.

Her closing words—“You are not alone”—echoed sentiments similar to those expressed by Queen Elizabeth during the COVID pandemic.

Kate’s announcement was not just about her own condition; it was a message of reassurance to countless others facing similar challenges.

By acknowledging the widespread impact of cancer, she aimed to instill courage in those who watch or read about her journey. Her sincerity and lack of self-pity struck the right balance, resonating with a global audience.

In a deliberate choice, Kate appeared on camera alone, without her husband, Prince William, by her side.

The video was a personal message from the Princess of Wales, emphasizing her determination to deliver it independently.

Behind the scenes, Prince William has been a steadfast source of support, ensuring Kate’s privacy and shielding their children from the media frenzy.