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'Kate wasn't at farm shop': The Kate Middleton's Dubious disappearance sparks speculation

'Kate wasn't at farm shop': The Kate Middleton's Dubious disappearance sparks speculation

In a surprising turn of events, Rachel Johnson, sister of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has cast doubt on the recent sighting of Kate Middleton at a local farm shop.

The incident, which has sparked a flurry of speculation, was brought to light after Johnson noted several 'red flags' that suggested the Princess of Wales might not have been the individual captured in the viral footage.

The video in question, which quickly circulated online, depicted a woman resembling Kate Middleton shopping at the Windsor Farm Shop.

This sighting was expected to quell rumors about the Duchess's whereabouts following her recovery from an abdominal surgery earlier this year.

However, Rachel Johnson has expressed skepticism. In her column for a prominent publication, she pointed out inconsistencies, such as the woman's gait and appearance, which seemed at odds with the Duchess's known characteristics.

"No husband would allow a wife who is convalescing to carry anything, let alone a well brought-up Prince of the Blood, let alone a bulging plastic bag of groceries," Johnson wrote, questioning the authenticity of the scene.

Adding to the intrigue, an art expert consulted by Johnson reportedly dismissed the individuals in the footage as lookalikes, albeit unconvincing ones.

This sentiment was echoed by a professional Kate Middleton lookalike, Heidi Agan, who confirmed that it was not her in the video and added her thoughts on the Duchess's well-being:

"think she's fine but until then she needs to recover and heal," Agan stated.

The Kensington Palace has maintained silence over the matter, neither confirming nor denying the claims made by Johnson.

This lack of response has only fueled further speculation and discussion among royal watchers and the public alike.