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Lauren Boebert Clinches Top Spot on Primary Ballot in New Colorado District

Lauren Boebert Clinches Top Spot on Primary Ballot in New Colorado District

In a political showdown that has captured the attention of Colorado voters, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has emerged as the frontrunner in the race to replace recently retired Rep. Ken Buck.

The stakes are high, and the battle for the 4th Congressional District seat promises to be fierce.

At Friday’s district assembly, Boebert secured the highest percentage of delegate support, clinching the coveted first spot on the ballot for the Colorado GOP primary.

Her commanding performance garnered 41 percent support from the 527 assembled delegates, according to the Colorado Sun.

This achievement allows her name to lead the Republican ticket in the upcoming June primary.

The process to make the primary ballot is intricate, offering candidates different avenues to qualify. Boebert deftly navigated both the signature and assembly processes.

Last month, she gathered enough signatures to meet the threshold set by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. On Friday, she needed just 10 percent delegate support to solidify her position through the hybrid system.

Boebert faced formidable opponents in the race. Former state Senator Ted Harvey secured 26 percent of delegate support, while former state Senator Jerry Sonnenberg received 18 percent.

State Representative Richard Holtorf followed closely with 15 percent. Harvey’s sole reliance on the assembly process left him short of the 30 percent minimum needed to make the ballot.

Sonnenberg and Holtorf, opting for the hybrid system, aimed for at least 10 percent delegate support.

Boebert’s decision to run in the 4th Congressional District, rather than seeking re-election in her current 3rd Congressional District, reflects a strategic move.

By avoiding a repeat of the expensive House race from the previous cycle, she aims for a fresh start. Her recent divorce from her ex-husband further fueled her desire for a new beginning.

Rep. Ken Buck’s announcement in November that he would not seek another term initially set the stage for Boebert’s bid.

However, Buck’s subsequent decision to retire early added complexity. The special election to fill the remainder of his term coincides with the GOP primary for the full two-year term starting in January.

Both elections are scheduled for June 25, creating a unique challenge for Boebert.

Despite the hurdles, Boebert’s determination and delegate support have positioned her as the candidate to watch.

As the campaign unfolds, Colorado voters eagerly await the outcome of this pivotal race.