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Nate Diaz Sends Heartfelt Message to Connor McGregor Amidst...

Nate Diaz Sends Heartfelt Message to Connor McGregor Amidst...

Nate Diaz, a renowned UFC fighter, has extended an olive branch to his former adversary, Conor McGregor, with a message of solidarity. Diaz’s public support comes amidst McGregor’s ongoing struggle with the UFC over contract disputes and fight bookings.

Diaz, who has had his own share of contractual battles with the UFC, expressed empathy towards McGregor’s situation. In a heartfelt message, he stated, "This was me for years before Conor even got here. They want you to die before you get out these contracts. It’s up to you to make something pop. No one gonna help you but you. Free Conor, it’s St. Patty’s day in this b*tch".

The camaraderie shown by Diaz is noteworthy, considering their storied rivalry, which includes two of the highest-grossing pay-per-view events in UFC history. Their bouts at UFC 196 and UFC 202 were epic showdowns that left fans clamoring for more. Despite the competitive fire that once burned between them, Diaz’s gesture indicates a mutual respect that transcends past conflicts.

McGregor, who has been vocal about his desire to return to the octagon, has faced delays and uncertainties from the UFC’s side. The former double-weight champion has not fought since July 2021, due to a leg injury sustained in a trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier. McGregor’s frustration with the UFC’s handling of his comeback has been evident, as he seeks a clear path back to fighting.

Diaz’s message, shared on social media, resonates with many fighters who have experienced similar frustrations with the UFC’s contractual system. His call to “Free Conor” is not just about McGregor; it’s a statement against the restrictive nature of fighter contracts and a call for more autonomy and respect for the athletes who put their bodies on the line.