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Nuclear War "most likely", Medvedchuk's Forecast Amidst Russia-Ukraine War

Nuclear War "most likely", Medvedchuk's Forecast Amidst Russia-Ukraine War
Source: Getty Images

Viktor Medvedchuk, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has stated that a nuclear strike is "most likely" on the horizon if the West continues to challenge Russia's position on the world stage.

Medvedchuk, who was exiled to Russia in 2022 in a prisoner exchange, made these remarks against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine. His comments reflect a growing concern over the potential for nuclear conflict as the situation in Eastern Europe remains volatile.

Russian officials, including Putin himself, have not shied away from mentioning the country's nuclear capabilities in recent statements. In his annual address last month, Putin warned of the readiness of Russia's strategic nuclear forces and the risk of nuclear war if Western nations were to deploy troops to Ukraine.

The West, particularly leaders from the United States and European Union, have expressed alarm at these developments. They have called for restraint and dialogue to prevent any actions that could lead to a catastrophic escalation.

Medvedchuk's statement adds to the already tense atmosphere, suggesting that the conflict could draw in countries outside of Europe, including those in the Arab world, and potentially China and India, due to their vast human resources. As the world grapples with these dire predictions, the focus remains on diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation and find a peaceful resolution to the conflict that has already caused immense suffering and instability.