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NY Judge Declines to Postpone Trump’s Hush Money Trial

NY Judge Declines to Postpone Trump’s Hush Money Trial
ABC News

New York, NY — In a dramatic courtroom showdown, a New York appeals court judge has denied former President Donald Trump’s bid to delay his hush money trial.

The trial, scheduled for April 15, centers on 34 counts of falsifying business records related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the closing days of the 2016 presidential election.

Judge Juan Merchan had previously imposed a partial gag order on Trump, restricting him from publicly attacking witnesses, prosecutors, court staff, and their relatives.

The order also extended to jurors and potential jurors. Trump’s defense lawyer, Emil Bove, argued that this order caused “irreparable harm” by preventing the former president from responding to attacks and criticizing key players in the case.

Bove contended that the gag order violated Trump’s Sixth and First Amendment rights.

He emphasized that Trump’s status as a leading presidential candidate necessitated his ability to comment on publicly filed motions.

However, Steven Wu, representing the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, pushed back. Wu highlighted Trump’s history of inflammatory remarks, including denigrating witnesses and court staff.

Wu argued that the gag order was essential to ensure a fair trial and prevent extrajudicial statements from prejudicing the proceedings.

The appellate court’s full panel will now consider three critical components:

Trial Delay: On the very day the trial is set to begin, the court may decide whether to delay proceedings while Trump’s appeal of the gag order is pending.

Change of Venue: By April 22, written arguments regarding a potential change of venue must be submitted.

Gag Order Review: By April 29, the parties will submit written arguments addressing the gag order’s impact.