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Princess Kate Urged Not To Edit Prince Louis Photo To Avoid Another Backlash

Princess Kate Urged Not To Edit Prince Louis Photo To Avoid Another Backlash

As the sixth birthday of Prince Louis approaches on April 23, the Duchess of Cambridge, commonly known as Princess Kate, finds herself at a crossroads that could potentially invite a new wave of public scrutiny.

The tradition of releasing a new photograph of the royal children on their birthdays has been a charming gesture appreciated by royal enthusiasts worldwide. However, this year, the decision carries with it the weight of recent controversy.

The Duchess, an avid photographer, has often taken these official portraits herself, showcasing not only her skills behind the lens but also a personal touch to the royal family’s public image. Yet, following a recent incident involving a Mother’s Day photograph that was criticized for apparent digital alterations, the Duchess faces a dilemma.

Royal commentator Christopher Andersen suggested that Princess Kate might consider either not retouching the photo or explaining any alterations in advance to avoid further backlash.

The controversy stems from last month’s uproar when the Duchess apologized for any confusion caused by the edited Mother’s Day image.

The public’s reaction to the edited photograph was swift and severe, with several photo agencies issuing a “kill notice,” effectively banning the use of the image. This has led to a broader discussion about authenticity and the portrayal of the royal family in the media.

As the birthday of Prince Louis nears, the Duchess of Cambridge has “two choices,” according to insiders. She could either continue the tradition by taking the photo herself or opt for a professional photographer to capture the moment. The decision is yet to be made, and the royal family has not issued any statements regarding the matter.