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RFK Jr. Declines Libertarian Path, Insists On Independent Presidential Bid

RFK Jr. Declines Libertarian Path, Insists On Independent Presidential Bid
ABC News

In a strategic pivot that has stirred the political waters, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, has announced that he will not pursue the Libertarian Party’s nomination for his presidential run.

Instead, he remains steadfast in his commitment to an independent campaign, aiming to secure a spot on the ballot in all 50 states.

Kennedy’s decision marks a significant departure from earlier considerations, where he had left open the possibility of running as a Libertarian to ease the challenging process of independent ballot access.

Speaking from West Des Moines, Iowa, Kennedy expressed confidence in his campaign’s ability to overcome these hurdles without aligning with a party.

“We’re not gonna have any problems getting on the ballot ourselves so we won’t be running Libertarian,” he told reporters.

His campaign recently celebrated a victory in Iowa, where they utilized a state law quirk to gather enough support to secure a place on the general election ballot.

The campaign claims to have amassed 686 credentialed delegates from more than 35 counties, surpassing the required threshold.

Kennedy’s independent run is under the banner of the

“We the People Party,” and he has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the current administration, positioning himself as a candidate who can bridge the divide between the disillusioned voters from both major parties.

The Libertarian Party has yet to comment on Kennedy’s announcement. However, the move has certainly narrowed the field of potential candidates for the party, which often struggles for visibility in the shadow of the Democratic and Republican giants.