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RFK Jr. Questions Prosecutions for Jan. 6 Attack, Suggests Political Motivation

RFK Jr. Questions Prosecutions for Jan. 6 Attack, Suggests Political Motivation
ABC News

WILMINGTON, Del. — Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has ignited controversy with his recent statements regarding the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In a lengthy statement released on Friday, Kennedy expressed skepticism about the events of that day, suggesting that the prosecution of rioters may be politically motivated.

Kennedy’s comments come on the heels of a fundraising email sent by his campaign team, which referred to the Jan. 6 defendants as “activists.”

Although the campaign attributed the email to an outside vendor and severed ties with them, the damage was done. Critics accused Kennedy of downplaying the severity of the attack and sympathizing with the rioters.

In his latest statement, Kennedy echoed a narrative closely aligned with former President Donald Trump.

He questioned whether the rioters’ actions constituted a true “insurrection.”

Despite acknowledging that the attack occurred with Trump’s encouragement and in the context of his baseless claims of election theft, Kennedy maintained that “reasonable people” see little evidence of an insurrection.

Kennedy also falsely claimed that the pro-Trump mob “carried no weapons.” However, evidence contradicts this assertion.

Some rioters brandished firearms, while others wielded flagpoles, crutches, hockey sticks, and other makeshift weapons.

One individual was even charged with firing a shot into the air during the chaos. Kennedy later retracted his statement, acknowledging that some rioters did indeed carry firearms and assault Capitol police with various weapons.

Despite the controversy, Kennedy remains steadfast. As president, he pledged to appoint a special counsel to investigate whether prosecutorial discretion was abused for political ends.

His concern centers on the “vigor of the prosecution” and the harsh treatment of the Jan. 6 defendants. More than 1,265 individuals have faced charges across nearly all 50 states, with sentences ranging from incarceration to home detention or probation.