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Speaker Mike Johnson Faces Massive Threats From His Own Party, Rep Taylor Greene To Unseat Him

Speaker Mike Johnson Faces Massive Threats From His Own Party, Rep Taylor Greene To Unseat Him
Getty Images/ABC News

Washington, D.C. — The halls of the Capitol echo with tension as Speaker Mike Johnson finds himself in the crosshairs of his own party. The once-steady helm of Republican leadership now faces a storm brewing from within.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the firebrand from Georgia, has launched a daring move to unseat Johnson.

Her motion to vacate the speakership, filed just before the Easter recess, has sent shockwaves through the GOP. Greene, known for her unapologetic style, minced no words: “It’s time for our conference to choose a new speaker.”

Johnson’s ascent to the speakership was a recent development, but it didn’t take long for cracks to appear. Greene accuses him of veering away from Republican ideals, particularly when it comes to Ukraine aid.

The funding vote, which required Democratic support, became a flashpoint. Greene’s scathing letter to her colleagues labeled Johnson a “Democratic Speaker,” alleging that he leaned too heavily on the opposing party to pass crucial legislation.

“Mike Johnson has completely changed his character,” Greene told Tucker Carlson in a recent interview.

“He called himself a conservative, always has been, he’s a Republican member, but yet here we are…” The frustration is palpable.

Johnson, once a committed conservative, now navigates the treacherous waters of a razor-thin majority. His reliance on Democratic votes reflects the downfall of his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy.

With the smallest margin in U.S. history, Johnson faces a delicate balancing act.

“We’re sometimes going to get legislation that we don’t like,” he admitted on Fox News. “And the Democrats know that when we don’t all stand together, they have a better negotiation position.” The stakes are high, and the pressure mounts as the GOP grapples with its fragile hold on power.

As whispers circulate through the Capitol, one question lingers: Is Johnson being blackmailed? Greene herself can’t fathom it. “I have no idea,” she responded. “I can’t comprehend, Tucker.”