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Statue of Liberty Struck by Lightning: A Mesmerizing Moment Captured

Statue of Liberty Struck by Lightning: A Mesmerizing Moment Captured
Photograph by Dan Martland

New York City, April 4, 2024 — In a scene that almost seems straight out of a post-apocalyptic film, a flash of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty was captured by photographer Dan Martland on Wednesday.

The bolt of lightning appears to be emerging from Lady Liberty’s torch, creating a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring moment.

Martland, well-known for his exquisite photography of New York City, outdid himself during a violent thunderstorm that swept across the city.

As rain poured down and winds howled, the iconic statue stood tall in New York Harbor. And then, in an instant, the sky crackled with energy, and the Statue of Liberty became the epicenter of a natural spectacle.

Martland was on hand to capture the mega photo of an enormous lightning bolt directly hitting Lady Liberty’s torch.

His lens framed the iconic silhouette against the darkened sky, emphasizing the stark contrast between the statue’s stoic presence and the raw power of nature.

The resulting image is nothing short of breathtaking.

When asked about the event, Martland explained,

“I usually track the weather with apps and head out if it’s looking good. I’ve had times where I’ve been out for eight hours and got nothing.

Today was only an hour. The storm passed pretty quickly.

And the apps showed that there were no more cells coming my way. These are still. I use a lightning trigger.”

Social media buzzed with reactions to the photograph. Some marveled at the sheer luck that allowed Martland to capture this split-second phenomenon.

Others speculated about the symbolism of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty. Was it a sign? An omen? Or simply a remarkable coincidence?

Although today’s forecast looks slightly better than yesterday’s, New Yorkers remain on edge due to the “long duration storm system” that Governor Kathy Hochul warned residents about earlier this week.

Coastal areas in New Jersey and New York are still under flood warnings, and the city grapples with the aftermath of almost three inches of rain.