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Trump Claims He’s Willing to Be a “Modern Day Nelson Mandela” After Being Hit with a Gag Order

Trump Claims He’s Willing to Be a “Modern Day Nelson Mandela” After Being Hit with a Gag Order
Google/Getty Images

Los Angeles, CA — Former President Donald Trump has once again thrust himself into the spotlight, this time drawing a controversial comparison to the iconic Nelson Mandela.

In a series of fiery posts on his struggling social media platform, Truth Social, Trump expressed his willingness to face jail time in defense of what he perceives as his right to speak the “open and obvious truth.”

The backdrop for Trump’s audacious claim is the gag order issued by Manhattan Judge Juan M. Merchan.

The order restricts Trump from discussing his upcoming hush money trial, where he faces allegations of fraud related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election.

Notable witnesses, including former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, add depth to the case, which is set to begin jury selection in New York City on April 151.

Trump’s assertion that he would “gladly become a Modern Day Nelson Mandela” if jailed for violating the gag order has raised eyebrows worldwide.

Mandela, the revered anti-apartheid leader, endured 27 years in prison for his campaign against South Africa’s oppressive regime.

Upon his release, he served a single term as the country’s president, symbolizing reconciliation and hope.

Critics have been swift to respond Jasmine Harris, Biden-Harris 2024 Director of Black Media, condemned Trump’s self-centered comparison:

“Imagine being so self-absorbed that you compare yourself to Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela all within the span of little more than a week: that’s Donald Trump for you”. 

Others have questioned the judge’s choice for this case and the impact of Trump’s relentless attacks on the legal system.