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Trump in Line for $3 Billion Windfall as Truth Social finally Goes Public

Trump in Line for $3 Billion Windfall as Truth Social finally Goes Public
Trump in Line for $3 Billion Windfall as Truth Social finally Goes Public

In a move that has the business and political worlds abuzz, former President Donald Trump is poised to receive a staggering $3 billion windfall as his social media venture, Truth Social, prepares to go public.

The deal, which involves a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., marks a significant financial boost for Trump, whose business empire has faced numerous legal challenges in recent years.

The origins of this lucrative deal trace back to the announcement made approximately two and a half years ago when Digital World Acquisition Corp.

(DWAC) revealed plans to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group, the entity behind Truth Social.

This merger is expected to breathe new life into Truth Social, which reported substantial losses in 2023.

Trump's potential windfall comes at a critical juncture, as he grapples with a series of legal battles, including a significant civil fraud judgment in New York.

Despite the financial boon, Trump has signaled that the funds from the merger will not be allocated to post bond in the ongoing fraud case.

The anticipation of the merger has already caused ripples in the stock market, with shares of DWAC closing down 13% following the approval of the merger.

The newly combined company, Trump Media, is set to begin trading under the stock symbol DJT, a nod to Trump's initials and a throwback to his former casino and hotel company's ticker symbol.

While Trump has not publicly commented on the financial details of the merger, the implications are clear.

Analysts suggest that the influx of capital could significantly bolster Trump's defense in his legal proceedings. However, the former president will have to wait six months before he can liquidate any shares, as per the terms of the deal.

As Truth Social steps into the public trading arena, all eyes will be on the performance of the newly minted Trump Media.

The $3 billion question remains: how will Trump navigate his newfound wealth amidst the turbulent waters of his legal challenges? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—the world will be watching.