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Trump Prays with Grieving Family of Slain NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller During Wake: A Touching Moment

Trump Prays with Grieving Family of Slain NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller During Wake: A Touching Moment

New York — In a poignant and heartfelt scene, former President Donald Trump joined the grieving family of Detective Jonathan Diller during the wake held in honor of the fallen NYPD officer.

The solemn gathering took place at the St. Rose of Lima R.C. Church in Queens, where friends, colleagues, and community members came together to pay their respects.

Rev. Michael Duffy, who presided over the ceremony, described the moment as "beautiful" and profoundly meaningful. "It meant so much to the family and so much to the people in that room," he shared with Human Interest outside of Diller's funeral.

As the mourners gathered, Trump, known for his unscripted and often controversial remarks, demonstrated a different side—one of empathy and compassion.

The grieving family personally invited Trump to attend the wake, recognizing the significance of his presence.

Detective Diller, a dedicated officer, tragically lost his life during a routine traffic stop in Far Rockaway, Queens.

His widow, Stephanie Diller, and their young son, Ryan, stood at the center of the emotional gathering.

Upon meeting Stephanie and Ryan, Trump offered his condolences. He assured Stephanie that her husband's sacrifice would not be in vain.

"I promise you," he told her, "we will work tirelessly to honor Detective Diller's memory and ensure justice prevails."

Father Duffy, who had previously officiated Stephanie and Jonathan's wedding, approached Trump.

"Mr. President," he said, "thank you for being here. Would you be willing to pray with us?"

Trump's response was immediate: "Of course, Father Duffy."

And so, in a quiet corner of the church, surrounded by mourners, Trump joined them in reciting the Lord's Prayer.

The ancient words echoed through the hallowed space, seeking forgiveness and protection against the forces of darkness.

As the prayer concluded, Trump turned to Stephanie and Ryan.

He gently kissed the toddler's forehead, and Ryan clapped in response. The tension in the room eased, if only momentarily, as the weight of grief lifted slightly.

Trump's humanity shone through, transcending politics and divisions.

​Detective Diller's flag-draped casket stood nearby, a stark reminder of the sacrifice he made to protect his community.

His suspected killer, Guy Rivera, faced charges from his hospital bed—murder, attempted murder, and weapons possession.

The tragic loss reverberated through the NYPD and the city at large.

Following the wake, Detective Diller was laid to rest at St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale.

The community mourned, and the nation watched as a family grappled with profound loss.

Trump's act of compassion left an indelible mark on those present—a reminder that even amidst political turmoil, shared humanity binds us together.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the church bells tolled, and the NYPD honor guard saluted their fallen brother.

Detective Jonathan Diller's legacy would live on, not only in headlines but in the hearts of those who witnessed this poignant moment of prayer and connection.