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Trump supporters to force recall on Wisconsin leader say they have enough signatures

Trump supporters to force recall on Wisconsin leader say they have enough signatures

In a significant development in Wisconsin politics, supporters of former President Donald Trump have announced that they have gathered the necessary signatures to initiate a recall election for Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

The move comes as a direct challenge to Vos's leadership, fueled by his opposition to Trump's claims regarding the 2020 election results.

The group spearheading the recall effort has reportedly collected over 10,000 signatures, surpassing the 6,850 required to trigger a recall vote.

This campaign, led by Matt Snorek, began in January and has gained considerable traction among Trump's base in Wisconsin.

The signatures are set to be presented to the Wisconsin Elections Commission shortly.

Vos, who has been a prominent figure in Wisconsin's political landscape since 2004 and the longest-serving Assembly speaker in the state's history, has dismissed the recall attempt as frivolous and a waste of resources.

He has expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the signatures and has assembled a team to scrutinize each one.

The recall campaign underscores the ongoing division within the Republican Party, particularly in battleground states like Wisconsin, where Trump's influence remains strong.

Vos's refusal to decertify President Joe Biden's victory and his stance against impeaching the state's top elections official have been focal points of contention for Trump's supporters.

This political saga has been further complicated by the Wisconsin Supreme Court's recent decision not to clarify whether new legislative district maps apply to elections before November.

This leaves some uncertainty regarding the validity of the signatures collected in Vos's current district.As the situation unfolds, the potential recall election could serve as a barometer for Trump's enduring sway over the Republican Party and the political direction of Wisconsin.

It also highlights the broader national conversation about election integrity and the future of American democracy.