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Trump Weighs Polarizing Former Rodeo Cowboy for Cabinet Post

Trump Weighs Polarizing Former Rodeo Cowboy for Cabinet Post
Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP via Getty Images

Washington, D.C. — Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering an unconventional choice for a top Cabinet position: Sid Miller, a former rodeo cowboy turned bomb-throwing Texas agriculture commissioner.

If Trump returns to the White House, Miller could find himself leading the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a prospect that has both supporters and critics on edge.

Sid Miller, a staunch MAGA loyalist, has a history of clashing with agriculture interests and making headlines. His tenure as Texas agriculture commissioner has been marked by fiery rhetoric, policy battles, and investigations. 

Miller’s journey from rodeo cowboy to political heavyweight is as intriguing as it is unexpected. Born and raised in Texas, he carved out a reputation as a rodeo champion before venturing into politics. His grandfather, Wee Griffin, previously held a county post, and Miller seems determined to continue the family legacy.

As agriculture commissioner, Miller has not shied away from controversy. He hiked fees for department services, leading to clashes with influential conservative-leaning agriculture groups.

His unapologetic stance on gun rights, immigration controls, and abortion restrictions has made him a lightning rod in Texas politics.

Miller’s rhetoric hasn’t spared fellow Republicans. He openly threatened to “hunt” moderate “RINO” Republicans who, in his view, betrayed conservative principles.

His confrontations with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over pandemic and border policies have been well-documented. Abbott himself condemned Miller’s use of offensive language, calling it “reprehensible” and “an embarrassment”.

Miller’s record isn’t without blemishes. He faced investigations related to state funds allegedly misused for travel to a rodeo.

His former political consultant is set to face trial on theft and bribery charges tied to hemp licenses issued by Miller’s department. These legal entanglements could complicate his confirmation process if nominated.

If appointed as USDA secretary, Miller would oversee critical areas. His approach to climate change initiatives would likely differ significantly from the Biden administration’s.

He might seek to claw back funds dedicated to fighting climate change in agriculture. Additionally, Miller could impact the country’s largest nutrition programs for low-income Americans.

The next farm bill, a $1.5 trillion legislative package shaping agriculture, nutrition, and rural policy, looms large. Miller’s influence could be pivotal if Congress tackles it during his tenure. However, his reputation for inflexibility and clashes with dissenters from both parties raises concerns among some former Trump officials.

While Trump has signaled interest in Miller, significant obstacles remain. Democratic opposition in Congress would be expected, but even within the GOP, resistance exists.

Some question whether Trump would ultimately entrust such a high-profile position to someone with as many critics as Miller.