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Two Florida Men Plead Guilty to Insider Trading Charges Related to Trump Media

Two Florida Men Plead Guilty to Insider Trading Charges Related to Trump Media

In a stunning turn of events, two Florida brothers, Michael Shvartsman and Gerald Shvartsman, have pleaded guilty to insider trading charges linked to Trump Media & Technology Group.

The case sheds light on the murky world of financial dealings and the intersection of politics and business. The saga began in October 2021, when the Shvartsman brothers made a series of calculated moves.

Armed with confidential information, they invested millions in the securities of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC). Why? Because they had been tipped off that DWAC was eyeing a merger with none other than Trump Media. Trump Media & Technology Group, owned by former President Donald Trump, had ambitious plans. Their platform, Truth Social, aimed to be a conservative alternative to mainstream social media.

The merger with DWAC was eagerly anticipated by Trump’s political supporters, who saw it as a response to his temporary ejection from other platforms after the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. In a Manhattan federal court, the Shvartsman brothers admitted to a single count of securities fraud.

They confessed that they knew their actions were illegal when they made trades through a New York broker.

Gerald Shvartsman expressed remorse, acknowledging his “terrible mistake” and the consequences he would face. Michael Shvartsman, once the owner of Rocket One Capital LLC, also recognized the wrongness of their securities trades. The indictment against the Shvartsman brothers did not implicate Trump directly.

However, it revealed a web of secrets shared with friends and employees. These confidants also bought tens of thousands of units of securities ahead of the merger announcement. The brothers reaped a staggering $22 million in profits once news of the Trump Media business went public. Scheduled for July 17, the brothers await their fate. Federal sentencing guidelines recommend approximately four years for Michael Shvartsman and at least three years for Gerald Shvartsman.

The financial windfall they enjoyed now hangs over them like a dark cloud. As Trump’s stake in Trump Media remains a topic of speculation, the Shvartsman case serves as a stark reminder: Insider trading is a dangerous game, and its consequences reverberate far beyond the stock market.