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UCLA Director Sparks Outrage with Hateful Remarks on Kate Middleton’s Cancer Admission

UCLA Director Sparks Outrage with Hateful Remarks on Kate Middleton’s Cancer Admission

Controversy has erupted following Johnathan Perkins, the director of race and equity at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), who recently made startling comments questioning the authenticity of Kate Middleton’s cancer admission.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s revelation about undergoing “preventative chemotherapy” for an unspecified illness has been met with skepticism by Perkins, who is also a fervent fan of Meghan Markle.

In a tweet that has since ignited a firestorm of debate, Perkins expressed his doubts: “I personally do NOT believe Kate Middleton had/has cancer.”

His skepticism extends to the royal family’s handling of Middleton’s prolonged absence.

Perkins suggested that the mention of cancer and chemotherapy might have been strategically used to quell concerns.

He even speculated about the possibility of Middleton being “in a coma or dead,” showing a lack of respect for “King Chuck and Kate.”

Perkins’ comments have raised eyebrows not only due to their audacity but also because of his stance on society’s perception of cancer.

He criticized the use of the “Cancer Card” to silence speculation, describing it as treating cancer “like a death sentence.”

As a cancer survivor himself, Perkins emphasized the need for greater awareness and sensitivity toward health issues.

Perkins’ admiration for Meghan Markle is well-documented. His Twitter bio proudly declares, “FYI, this is an American Princess Meghan Markle stan account,” alongside a regal photo of the former “Suits” actress.

His bias toward Markle has led some to question the objectivity of his remarks.

The controversy surrounding Perkins’ comments highlights the responsibility of public figures in discussing sensitive topics.

Many have condemned his remarks as insensitive and irresponsible, especially given his position at a prestigious university.