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US Cautions Iran Against Retaliatory Actions Post-Damascus Strike

US Cautions Iran Against Retaliatory Actions Post-Damascus Strike
Source: Getty Images

In the wake of a significant Israeli airstrike in Damascus, the United States has issued a stern warning to Iran. A State Department spokesperson conveyed that any attempt by Iran to use the strike as a pretext for attacking US personnel and facilities would be unacceptable.

The airstrike, which resulted in the death of top Iranian commanders, has significantly heightened tensions in the region. The US has been clear in its communication to Iran, emphasizing that the strike should not be used as a justification for escalation or retaliation.

The US's message was a direct response to a communication from Iran, details of which have not been disclosed. However, the spokesperson clarified that the US did not 'ask' but 'warned' Iran against such actions¹. This exchange comes at a time when the US is reportedly on high alert, actively preparing for what is perceived as a potential imminent attack by Iran on either Israeli or American assets.

At the United Nations, the US reiterated its position, with the deputy ambassador stating that the US will defend its personnel and warned Iran and its proxies against taking advantage of the situation. The US has maintained that it had no involvement or advanced knowledge of the airstrike.