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Washington State Signs Strippers' Bill of Rights Into Law

Washington State Signs Strippers' Bill of Rights Into Law

In a historic move, Washington state has enacted the 'Strippers' Bill of Rights', a groundbreaking law aimed at bolstering the safety and rights of adult entertainers.

Governor Jay Inslee signed the legislation, which is hailed as the most comprehensive set of protections for strippers in the United States.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Rebecca Saldaña of Seattle, addresses long-standing issues within the adult entertainment industry.

"Strippers are workers, and they should be given the same rights and protections as any other labor force," stated Sen. Saldaña.

"This law is a step towards ensuring that those employed at legal establishments in Washington are safeguarded from exploitation, trafficking, and abuse".

Key provisions of the new law include mandatory safety training for dancers and employees on sexual harassment and human trafficking, the installation of panic buttons, and the presence of security officers.

Additionally, the law introduces financial protections for dancers, capping club fees and prohibiting late fees or other charges related to unpaid balances.

Madison Zack-Wu, campaign manager for Strippers Are Workers, a dancer-led organization, expressed relief and optimism.

"We've been advocating for these regulations to fill the wide gaps in protection for performers at the state's adult entertainment clubs. Our efforts are not just about safety but also about dignity and respect for our work," she said.

The legislation also paves the way for adult entertainment businesses to obtain liquor licenses, tying the licenses to compliance with the new safety regulations.

This aspect of the law aims to balance the need for enhanced worker protections with the financial viability of the clubs.

​As the Department of Labor and Industries drafts the new rules and guidelines for implementing the workplace safety standards, the adult entertainment industry in Washington looks forward to a safer and more equitable future.