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West Ham Manager, David Moyes to Help Phillips Regain Form

West Ham Manager, David Moyes to Help Phillips Regain Form
David Moyes.

West Ham United's manager, David Moyes, is on a quest to unravel the mystery of Kalvin Phillips' recent form and restore the midfielder to his peak performance. Phillips, who joined the Hammers on loan from Manchester City, has faced a challenging start at his new club, which has led to his exclusion from Gareth Southgate's latest England squad.

Moyes, known for his ability to revitalize players' careers, has expressed his commitment to helping Phillips regain the form that once made him a key player for Leeds United and a standout performer for England at the Euros. "I hope we can crack the code before our time runs out," Moyes stated, emphasizing the urgency of the task at hand.

Phillips' journey at West Ham has been marked by moments he'd rather forget, such as an own goal in his debut and a red card that left his team shorthanded. Despite these setbacks, Moyes sees the potential in Phillips and is determined to boost his confidence and work ethic.

The challenge for Moyes is not just about Phillips' individual performance; it's also about keeping West Ham's European ambitions alive. The team is currently pushing for a high enough Premier League position to secure qualification for another continental campaign.

As West Ham prepares to host Aston Villa, all eyes will be on Phillips and whether Moyes' efforts will pay off. The manager's belief in Phillips is unwavering, and he hopes that with regular talks and feedback, something will eventually click for the midfielder.

This situation not only tests Phillips' resolve but also Moyes' reputation as a manager who can get the best out of his players. If successful, it could be a turning point for both Phillips and West Ham as they strive for success on multiple fronts.