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Winter's Grip Tightens: 16 States Under Alert as US Braces for Major Storm

Winter's Grip Tightens: 16 States Under Alert as US Braces for Major Storm
Source - Google

As the calendar heralds the arrival of spring, a major winter storm is defying the season, placing 16 states across the United States under severe weather alerts.

From the snow-capped peaks of California to the icy shores of Michigan, millions are preparing for a blast of wintry conditions that threaten to disrupt the early days of spring.

The storm, which is expected to sweep across the country through Tuesday, has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a series of winter weather advisories, warnings, and watches.

These alerts stretch nearly 1,400 miles, from Montana to Michigan, as the system brings heavy snowfall and significant travel delays.

​Meteorologists predict that from northwest Kansas to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, residents could see 6 to 12 inches of snow, with some areas bracing for up to two feet of the white blanket.

Blizzard warnings have been posted from eastern Colorado to South Dakota, where winds gusting as high as 60 mph are likely to create dangerous whiteout conditions.

​While snowstorms are not uncommon for this time of year, the intensity of this storm is notable, especially given the mild winter experienced by many of the affected regions.

Minnesota and Wisconsin, for instance, are coming off their warmest winter on record, with snowfall totals less than half of normal in cities like Minneapolis.

On the southern edge of the storm, a clash of cold and warm air is setting the stage for a potential multi-day severe weather outbreak, stretching from the Southern Plains into the Deep South.

Thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes are expected to move across Kansas and Oklahoma, with the threat extending into Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi by Monday.

The impending storm has also drenched the Northeast, with cities from Baltimore to Boston experiencing heavy rainfall over the weekend.

Northern New England has not been spared, with locations like Albany, New Hampshire, receiving 28 inches of snow, and Vermont and Maine seeing over two feet.

A​s the nation braces for the impact, officials urge residents to stay informed and prepared.

"We encourage everyone to keep a close eye on the forecast and plan ahead to avoid travel during the worst of the storm," said a spokesperson from the National Weather Service.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has also advised individuals in the storm's path to have emergency kits ready and to follow local advisories.