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Kyiv Financially Backed Terrorist Attack on Moscow, says Russian Government

Kyiv Financially Backed Terrorist Attack on Moscow, says Russian Government
Source: Getty Images

Russian government has accused Ukraine of financially backing the perpetrators of a deadly terror attack at a Moscow concert hall. The attack, which occurred last week, resulted in the tragic loss of over 140 lives.

According to an investigative committee, the attackers received significant financial support from Ukrainian sources. This claim has added a new layer of complexity to the already strained relations between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian officials have been persistent in their allegations despite Ukraine's strong denial and the Islamic State's claim of responsibility for the attack.

The incident unfolded at Crocus City Hall near Moscow during a performance by the Russian rock group Piknik. Gunmen opened fire on the crowd, leading to a devastating number of casualties with at least 115 people dead and 140 others injured. The Russian security service, FSB, claims that the attackers had contacts in Ukraine and were attempting to escape there after the attack.

Four suspects, hailing from the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, have been charged with committing a terrorist act and are facing possible life imprisonment. President Vladimir Putin has labeled the attackers as "radical Islamists" and suggested a connection to Ukraine, raising questions about the true instigators behind this heinous act.

The Kremlin's narrative has been met with skepticism, as Kyiv vehemently denies any involvement, calling the allegations "absurd." Meanwhile, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the massacre, releasing graphic footage that suggests a direct link to the group.

The truth behind the Moscow concert hall attack remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. The implications of these allegations are far-reaching, potentially impacting diplomatic relations and the broader security landscape in the region.